July 20, 2013
By TheAnonymousKid BRONZE, Delhi, Other
TheAnonymousKid BRONZE, Delhi, Other
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“You may delay, but time will not.” ? Benjamin Franklin
Remember the time when you were watching videos on YouTube instead of doing that Math chapter? Or the time when you slept thinking that you would start your work tomorrow? But did that tomorrow come? Is that tomorrow supposed to be today? If it is, Shouldn't you be doing your work right now? Are you still convincing yourself that you'll start the work after half an hour? If so, then stop it! Stop procrastinating!
Procrastination is the act of not being productive. It’s the wastage of the most useful time that will never come back. But we still like to do it and we do it all the time. Later, regret it and then promise ourselves not to do it again. But fail to resist. We procrastinate because we are afraid to start something. We are afraid of the result; afraid of failure. So we procrastinate. Or we're just too lazy to start. Or even that we may dislike the work we're given. So we procrastinate.
Procrastination provides short-term benefits but is disadvantageous in the long run. We lie to ourselves saying, “I’ll do it later" knowing that that 'later' would just be too late. We give more priority to less-valuable stuff than the work which is actually important and later feel conscience-stricken about our idiotic decisions.
So, to overcome this guilt we need to start today. We need to stop procrastinating!
To do this, we need to focus on the task we are given. And in order to focus, we need to remove all our distractions. So here are some tips which helped me overcome procrastination.

Stop waiting for the last moment. Do the work now!

Schedule stuff so that there is time for everything.

Have a power nap instead of having a sleep in the afternoon. This will add extra time to your schedule.

Reward yourself every time you finish a task.

After doing all this, you will be free from the captivity of procrastination. And remember it’s a fight between your heart and your brain. Don’t follow your heart, because it cannot think. Follow the brain, because it knows the consequences. Now go and finish your work.

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