The Common Denominator Between Vince Flynn and Wisdom Teeth (A Brief Essay)

July 27, 2013
By RenoneMontanez SILVER, Robbinsdale, Minnesota
RenoneMontanez SILVER, Robbinsdale, Minnesota
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This is a very brief essay, and I doubt that more than 98% of the people I know will even give it a passing glance. That’s fine, but I just feel I need to get this out. Anyways, on the 12th I had a good time with my best friend Stephen and his good friend whose name is Ivy. We first disc golfing which I commonly refer to as frolfing, and while Stephen was very good at it, I did mediocre and Ivy did a bit worse than me, but she wasn’t bad. We had some good discussions during that time that I quite frankly will remember for a very long time. After that we went to Half Price Books and we discussed different books and genres and learned a lot from Stephen because quite frankly is a genius. I guess I’m somewhat of a genius as well. I’m really good with facts I keep hearing being saying. Even in Mr. Steffenhagens’ class where we got a sudden onslaught of homework I easily kept up and scored very high on his tests which were far and few in between. In Biology I actually tried really hard and ended the year with a 96%. I really miss her. Sorry for getting so sidetracked. After we went to Half Price Books, we decided to go get a meal at Wendy’s and I went with purchasing a double stack. It was very delectable. After that Stephen drove me home. The next day after going to Wendy’s again, I went with my brother to a waterpark. He had read that it was one of the largest and interesting waterparks in the Midwest. We got there, and I wasn’t impressed. All that was open was a kiddie slide, and two somewhat painful waterslides that hurt when you passed through the seams, and also the slide didn’t allow you to go very fast. Overall, it was pretty much a rip off because the lazy river and another huge slide were closed for technical difficulties. Not a very memorable time. The best part was when we played mini-golf, which in itself was not very interesting like say Lili Putt, and my brother asked the guy behind the counter if we could get a free game because half of the park was closed. He grinned and laughed slightly and said no, and we paid two bucks for it. It was a little bit challenging, but that is not saying much. It took us about 12 minutes to play through, and then we were done. Not that enticing. We laid around for a little while longer, and then after that we left. I told him I wanted to go on a bike ride around Lake Calhoun, so we did. It took at most about twenty minutes I think, about four miles, but do not quote me on that. After that we went to Costco in Maple Grove and my brother looked around for different grocery items. Saw a pretty girl or two while I was looking at the media, and then he and I went to the food court and he had a “combo” slice of pizza while I had a cheese pizza. For two bucks, their busy is freaking huge. After that, I believe we went back to his house for a minute or so, and then we went to the cinema in Rogers and we watched Pacific Rim. It was a pretty good action movie, though it was nothing new in actuality, and it overall wasn’t groundbreaking. I personally gave it 3.5/5 Stars. After that, we went to his house, and there were Maple Grove fireworks, and we watched them from the street that is near his house. After that I went to bed. I woke up and my brother drove me back to my house, and my friend Joe came a picked me up. We went to his youth group, and he had some friends there that we communicated with for a while until the group started up. I saw my good friend Olivia and her boyfriend as well. I listened to people praising God and worshiping, and then we listened to a rather short sermon about Justification. After that, we went to Joe’s house and had sandwiches and looked at his type of music, and then we went disc golfing with a friend of ours named Joel. That was a good time. I went back to his house and we had some ice cream (ouice cream ~ Michelle Tanner) and we played Portal 2 and Black Ops for a while and then we started watching the Simpsons Movie but we decided to just talk about rather deep stuff that I don’t feel like writing about, and it also was pretty personal. We had pizza and good chitter chatter and then he drove me home, and my brother picked me up and I slept at his house. The next day I hanged out with a kid named Christopher. We went Frisbee Golfing and I was way better than Chris. We played through it twice, and then we went to McDonald’s and he bought the 20 Piece nuggets and I bought the ice cream cones. We talked for a while, and then we went to his house and played Mario Party and looked at crime, and I ate some ribs because I was still kinda hungry. After a while longer, I decided to go home and he drove me home. The next day was pure hell. I was so scared, and my heartbeat was racing, Amy Master was all over my thoughts, and I was scared something would go wrong, and that I was going to die. I didn’t sleep that night; I was just so scared and had no idea how to respond. I finally fell asleep about two o’ clock and then I woke up and it was time to go to the torture chamber. My father drove me to the place, and I very unwillingly didn’t want to go, so he almost had to drag me there. What I remember next is the nurse saying hello and telling me I could walk right on in, and of course, I was fricking scared, but I dragged myself in there. They literally hogtied me to the chair, though it wasn’t too tight. I remember them saying that I had tiny little veins, and I tried to tell them my right arm had much better veins, and they agreed. I felt a little bit of pain of the IV going into my arm. I briefly remember talking about the author Vince Flynn (RIP) and then all of sudden I closed my eyes and about two seconds later I woke up and felt this disgusting gauze in my mouth, it tasted really gross, and I really wasn’t bleeding that bad. I didn’t feel disoriented at all, just a little sick in my stomach. I swear the doctors were in shock because I wasn’t talking in strange syllables among other things people who have extractions usually say after regaining consciousness. I got out of there in about twenty minutes, before that though she gave me my 3K teeth in a bag, and gave me the instructions. Believe me; I was super conscious about that. After about half an hour, in order to eat my ICEE I got from Target, I took out my gauze, which was full of blood, and threw them away. I used a spoon and let it melt, and I drank it like a milk shake, and the next few days consisted of me eating very soft foods and drinking a whole lot. No, to the idiots who think that I’m referring to drinking alcohol, get the hell out. Anyways, I also watched the third season of 24 which was thoroughly enjoyable. I tried to communicate with people, because previously I had told people to pray for me, which I very much liked. I really wanted to talk to this one girl really bad, but she never responded. She is beautiful by the way. Joe is right though, the only reason to have a romantic relationship in High School is probably to have sex. So right now I live by the motto F- dating. I don’t mock other people for having relationships, but myself being a psychotic creep, would never get a girl I would want. I also watched Roots; a miniseries made in the late 70’s which starred LeVar Burton. It was stellar, yet at this point I still have yet to watch two episodes, another three hours. It will sure as hell be worth it. I wrote a few poems which didn’t amount to much, and I’ve wanted to write a song about the girl I mentioned earlier. I really did absolutely nothing for the past couple of weeks. My television broke, because it was very crappy and also very old. I was playing Arkham City, and the image fluctuated and some smoke came out of the VCR player and I knew it had finally died. I myself have been feeling a hell of a lot less paranoid. I mean, I hear the woman once in a while, but it usually is very brief and only when I think about past experiences that were painful. I mean, being a nutcase is fun and all, but not when it destroyed so many lifelong relationships and caused me a load of depression. I went to church, and barely anyone really cared. Only a couple people took the time to ask me how I was doing, the Youth Pastor not being one of them. You’d think the Youth Pastor would care the most, well that isn’t true. The pain of the surgery wasn’t bad at all; it’s the swollen gum tissue that hurts. Anyways, nothing new has really been accomplished in my life, and longing after girls seems so meaningless. I’ve heard so many stories of really broken hearted couples in High School. Again, as usual, Joe is right about it. In conclusion, Wisdom Teeth surgery really isn’t that bad. It’s by NO MEANS fun, but it is needed in order to keep people in their proper health. Also, don’t look up anything on the internet, it quite frankly and, excuse my language, is full of s***. 90% of the people who have wisdom teeth surgery have no complications at all, it’s the idiot 10% that go on the internet and tell their horror stories. And most of the stories are from women who take birth control pills and guys who are smokers who had a terrible time because they didn’t follow the simple instructions. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. 24 is an amazing, though not plausible show, and Hot White Girls is just something to live by, by me saying that relationships are useless until you have a bass in your life. Find the person that your heart wants, not your sex organs, or your popularity meter. I’m going to wait, and sure I’ll probably grow crushes on a lot of girls, I have a crush on one girl right now, but I’m probably not going to pursue her, because it ultimately useless until college or even past college. Relationships are a meaningless mess of pain and heartache and accidents and only a small bit of forgiveness. Rest easy.

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