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The Friendzone

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I am a firm believer of the "friend zone" (God, who even invented that?)
You might think I'm a b*tch, but really, hear me out
You boys probably use the term more often than girls
You boys probably complain about it more often than girls
You're probably thinking, "but girls have nothing to complain about!"
How would you know, huh?
Are you a girl?
No. (Well, maybe you are)
But this post is not about endless reasons on why girls are allowed to complain
Nor is it centered on how boys should suck it up when they're stuck there
This is about why sometimes, and you may not see it
The "Friend Zone" is a good thing
I mean, think about it, let's say there are levels 1-10
Level 1 being a stranger and level 10 being a lover
Level 5 is the friend zone. And you, my friend are currently in level 4
You're working your way up the ladder
Trying to make her like you, the same way you like (probably love) her
Secretly hoping that love at first sight really does exists
But no, it doesn't and you damn well know that
You keep talking to this girl, keeping it at a comfortable distance
And then suddenly, the worst moment of your life has come
You're in level 5
You're in the friend zone!
But relax, don't panic, you can make it through this
You're suddenly scared, excited, nervous all at once
You weigh your options, you ask yourself
Do i want to get to level 6? Or keep it this way?
You're aware that once you attempt to get past the friend zone,
There's no turning back. Uh-uh no more
It's either you get past it and move on to having mutual understanding
Or accidentally-on-purpose create the most awkward friendship
Which will sooner or later die down
You are going TO SINK TO LEVEL 2
Do you want that? Do you want to go back 3 levels?
Do you really want to lose everything you've worked for?
It's like going back to Level 1 on a video game
And no. You just don't
But, this girl.. This girl is really something. You love being around her
Her presence alone is like... is like....
Like a new pair of mercurials with the perfect combination of colors
When all your other spikes are worn out and are more than 2 years old
Being with her is like entering a new Internet cafe)
And discovering that it's clean, smells good, and upgraded to comfortable chairs
And oh, the bathroom is amazingly clean too
She is your inhaler when you're going through an asthma attack
She is your earphones when you're bored in the bus on a school field trip
She is that little voice at the back of your head during an exam that reminds you
That you studied this portion last night, and you are not going to black out now
She is that bottle of Gatorade after jogging five kilometers in the morning
She is your McDonald's Chocolate Sundae on a typical hot Cebu day
She is sunshine
She is worth it
So, there you are. You don't want to tell her how you feel through text, do you?
Because talking about your feelings through text messages are for pussies
You know that, right? So you call her
You tell her you want to meet up somewhere
Maybe you'll pick her up, or wait for her
Doesn't matter, you just need to see this girl
A few minutes pass and you're there, just waiting
You think you're going to have an asthma attack
Stop fidgeting or tugging on the collar of your shirt too much, just calm your tits
Then you look up. And you see her
S***, you shouldn't have done this, run away now while you can
No, no, you need to stop hiding what you feel from her
Walk over to her right now, yeah, that's right
Give her a hug, make sure it doesn't last too long, that'd be awkward
Tell her it's great to see her today, you missed her
Do some small talk, yeah, you're great at that
You look at her in the eyes
You listen to her laugh, and notice her tiny dimples her her smile
You smell her perfume, her shampoo and lotion all at once
You think about whether or not this girl is worth going past level 5
And in that moment when she flicks her long hair off her shoulder
and asks, you, "What made you want to see me all of a sudden?"
Good luck.

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