A Word or a Name?

June 5, 2013
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It can mean many things; fate, to determine, to stand on. It is a very strong word that empowers all who use it. Destiny, it didn’t come from any other meaning besides its own definition. One time I asked my mother why she chose this name that was also a word for me; she said it was her Destiny to have me.
When people ask me how I spell my name, I say one of two things. I either say “You spell it just like the word”, or “Des-Tiny”. The second one usually gets a good laugh, considering my lack of height. To me it is almost ironic, because this powerful name sounds as if it would belong to a tall, exotic being; yet it belongs to me. A barely five foot tall, outgoing, Oregonian.
I think sometimes of what it would be like to have a more common name like Kristen or Nicole. Perhaps I wouldn’t be so vastly opinionated, or hard-headed. Perhaps I wouldn’t have the same passions I carry now. As for now, I am happy being Destiny. Nothing special, just a name with a meaning. It works for me, and it shapes my nature. I wouldn’t be me without it.

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