May 24, 2013
Seventeen years riddled with misdeeds. What went wrong? Why was the standard of adequacy the standard of the heavens? All I had to do was make choice upon choice. And my choices would have allowed me to live the happiest life possible, a sundae of balance with the cherry of verve to top my adequacy. I should have swathed my body with nutrients, transformed my muscles into the machinery they were made to be, treated everyone as my inherent equal, and read the world.

Then why didn't I? And why can't everyone else? I have concluded that while the leaning towards a choice stands simple and immediate, the recognition of the choice is a battle all in its own. But I have finally recognized it. My fullest life is within an arm's reach.

I continue to seek my redemption, aware that my scars represent a time of no value or existence. Today was the only day possible; today is my day to start over.

But now I must bear the flag of the key to infinite. The key hung at our doorsteps, but when did our heads turn to the side? If I turn the fixated necks, then I will have passed myself on to others. The second half of my holy grail will find its rest.

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