Why I Handwrite

May 7, 2013
Don't you just hate that random urge to write? You experience this sensational rush once you're struck with inspiration, and so you write. And write. And write.

And then scratch it all out and write some more and your page fills up with more and more words as you think to yourself, hey, this is great, the thoughts just keep coming, and you go back to read your work so far only to decorate the page with even more random edits and scribbles and eventually scribble out all of your revisions (and maybe even that one imperfect-looking scribble in the top left corner since your OCD is driving you insane) and finally you realize that you just wrote one of the cheesiest pieces to ever be written and you mentally smack yourself in shame for even bothering to write since it's obviously a crappy idea as evidenced by the plethora of holes you scratched into your paper from crossing out every single word that ever existed on this one single page.

And so you crumple it into a ball and slam it hard against the floor wondering why all of your seemingly brilliant writing projects always turn out ridiculous and maybe even ruin your day.

And that, my fellow writers, is precisely why I hand-write absolutely everything rather than typing. I'm far too afraid of breaking the backspace button and then smashing holes in my computer screen.

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Alternate3 said...
Sept. 5, 2013 at 7:57 am
This is just what I'm going through right now ._. I'm out of inspiration
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