Dunking Basketballs

May 13, 2013
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It was a lovely friday afternoon when my friend Will came over to my house. The birds were chirping, and the freshly watered grass was gleaming with liveliness. The trees were slightly swaying in the wind because there was a light breeze on this afternoon. The sun was shining beautifully, and there were very few clouds in the sky. It was an ideal afternoon for having a joyous time outside. Will and I picked up the basketball, and we lowered the basket to eight feet so we could dunk.

"Hey, Raleigh watch this!," exclaimed Will as he threw the ball off the backboard, caught it, and jammed it through the hoop.

"Woah! That was awesome!", I shouted when he dunked the ball. This is when I attempted the unique throw down. I threw the ball off the backboard, and my feet elevated off the ground, but the ball was slightly too high for my grasp. I watched as the Wilson regulation-sized basketball soared over my hands. I landed feeling embarrassed and ashamed.

"Hey, Raleigh try this one," said Will as he snatched the basketball from my hands and did a two-handed jam on the mini basket.

"That one's easy, Will. Of course, I can do that." This is when I levitated off the floor feeling the air underneath my feet. I felt as if I was flying through the air like a hawk. I watched as the basketball fell through the rim, and I hung onto the basket and did a pull-up. I felt a true sense of accomplishment. That was a truly monumental achievement for me.

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