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The Life of a blogger

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Click-click-click small giggle type-type-type-typey-type ooh! Is what my night is filled of sitting in a comfy chair slouching further and further down into the couch as it ingolves me the longer I sit. The longer I sit slouched in that position; the more imagines reflect off my glasses from my bright fluorescent light of my computer eliminating the room even the darkest corners cant hide.

Imagine a world with just pictures of beautiful sensory, quotes of what you once though of and can relate to, picture of famous people you just cant resist starring at hours on end, music of your choice and so many other things that you enjoy. Now just think of having that all in One Place! Well, lucky me I know just the place and it’s called Tumblr. An amazing blog site where people of all places come together and unite as one, no matter their background or anything.

Most would think blogging is typing boring sentences of what has happened to you all through the day non ending boringness.. but if you have ever been on this site and seen things of your interest you’d think of blogs a whole new way! Scrolling through blogs of all kinds from cute kitties and puppies to animate to beautiful sunsets to sad pictures and quotes of all kinds all rolled in one place for your pleasure to look at. You can even like, post, reblog(share) anything your heart desires! This is my dream world; only the greatest can strive here! When your eyes get tired and droopy the site keeps you going and alive.

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