That Moment When...

April 8, 2013
By ganman SILVER, Lincoln, Rhode Island
ganman SILVER, Lincoln, Rhode Island
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Its amazing how quickly a calm summer setting can turn into a nerve wrecking experience. This is exactly what happened to Andy one night last summer in Cape Cod as he was riding his bike home from the beach. Now this doesn’t sound like much but it was 11 pm and to reach his house he had to ride for about 10 minutes through a pitch black forest. Well it really wasn’t a forest just a bunch of trees here and there but as the owls hooted and the full moon shone on the path in front of him it seemed like there was no end. To add onto the suspense as he was riding he heard a yell. This wasn’t just any yell, someone was yelling “Andy!!”. He stopped dead in his tracks. This time he rode slowly so he could be aware of his surroundings. Again he heard his name and this time he dropped his bike. I guess he feels more comfortable on foot but I would have kept the bike if I were him. As he creeped down the road a shadow appeared in front of him with the moon to his back and his face not visible Andy thought it was a bigfoot, stupid Andy. As the shadow inched forward Andy shrieked like a 4 year old girl after losing her favorite doll. I could imagine he screamed “MOMMYYYY” but he didn’t want to admit that part to me. Finally the shadow yelled at him “what the heck is your problem Andy I’ve been looking for you forever”. As shocked as could be Andy replied “Dave? Bu-bu-but... nevermind let's go to the park”

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