The Time I Was Betrayed

April 8, 2013
By Chmira SILVER, Sanford, North Carolina
Chmira SILVER, Sanford, North Carolina
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The wonderful group of friends, Lindsay, Coco, Taylor, Bianca, Ebony, Karen, Jessica, Aaron, and Tyson, had a good run together during their first and part of their second semester at Bright and Early College. They hung out all the time. They went to the movies together, and went out to eat many times. They joked and laughed about the craziest of things. Most importantly, they trusted each other. They actually thought they were going to be friends for the rest of their lives. Until that day, Aaron did the very thing that changed the group’s relationship all together.

“Aaron, are you going to prom?” Tyson asked. Aaron and Tyson as well as Jessica, were at driver’s Ed.
“Yeah, I am going. Are you going with anyone?” He replied
“I don’t know. I’ll have to ask her.”
“Who, do I know her? What does she look like?” He sounded excited and as if, he NEEDED to know.
“You can’t tell anyone,” Tyson was reluctant on telling Aaron because even though he trusted Aaron, he still didn’t want to risk his secret getting out prematurely. “Only Jessica knows, Coco.” There was a, what felt like, an hour pause, when in reality it was only 2 seconds.
“AHHHHHH. Coco!”
“Yes, Tyson replied, “but remember, you can’t tell anyone.”
“I know, I know. TRUST me; your secret is safe with me.” Aaron claimed with confidence. The rest of Driver’s Ed was discussing Tyson’s feelings towards Coco.
Over the next week, Tyson felt confident about keeping his secret from Coco until he was ready, if only he knew what was going through Aaron’s mind.
That next week, Aaron had done the very thing Tyson told him not to do. He told Coco how Tyson felt about her. Not only that but, as the day progressed, Aaron started to “get closer” to Coco. He would call her from her friends, only when Tyson was around, and laugh and giggle. At first Tyson wasn’t angry, however he was a little confused. He saw what Aaron was trying to do, but for a long time placed himself in denial.
When Tyson finally stepped from the darkness and into the light, he was angry. Not your usual angry, but the angry that thrived off of revenge. Aaron betrayed Tyson and Tyson wanted Aaron to feel the same way. Tyson, trying not to do what he already planned, called Jessica and wanted guidance, on what to do. Little did Tyson know, Aaron had messed up with Jessica as well. He had made her cry twice and told he as succinct as he could that he didn’t want to be friends with her. So Tyson and Jessica were both in much pain, and wanted a cure, whether it jeopardized everything they stood for or not. They wanted to feel better about the situation. Therefore, as a first step in his revenge cycle, Tyson began to Sub-tweet and Tweet about Aaron. One of the tweets, he gained from was, “You All Trust him, but little do you know, He’s the same one that talks behind all of your backs. Some #Friend huh?” Through that Tweet, he gained Susan, Coco, Bianca, and Ebony. They all were on his side. The only reason Taylor, Karen, and Lindsay stayed on #TeamRatchet, was that they have known Aaron for a very long time. More and more tweets about Aaron went up on twitter revealing who he really was, and the better Tyson felt about the situation.
Soon it got to the point where Aaron told Mrs. London, a teacher, about the situation, not about the tweets. Everyone on Tyson’s side, when he told them, had something very negative to say about that. Telling a teacher your business, you are supposed to be a high schooler not an elementary kid. Handle things for yourself. The teacher that Aaron told about the ordeal confronted some of the people on Tyson’s team, as well as Tyson. She explained to Tyson and his friends that they should to settle the dust between Aaron and them. Some of them were in too deep. They wanted nothing to do with him again ever. Only Coco, tried to settle the dust. She was the only one that partially succeeded.
They may still sit in the same classes, but they are not friends. Lindsay, Karen, and Taylor are still our friends, but Lindsay who is playing both sides, seems to being to drift towards Aaron. Oh well. I guess she hasn’t learned what he is capable of yet. No one on Tyson’s team will ever be Aaron’s friend again. That’s like being sleeping with an activated bomb. You just don’t do it. Tyson would prefer that he had no classes with him, hear him talk, or even see him, but his schedule impedes him from doing so. Poor, poor Tyson.
Tyson:Taylor, Bianca, Ebony, Coco, Karen, Susan, Lindsay, and Jessica
Aaron:Taylor, Coco, Karen, and Lindsay

The author's comments:
This is something that actually took place in my life. The names were changed to keep the identity of my friends, and those who aren't my friends. The list at the bottom shows who, during this argument, was on my side and who was on the enemy's side.

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