The Pine Cone Adventure

March 22, 2013
By Amanda <3 BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
Amanda <3 BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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It all started on a cold, blurry, and windy day. I knew it was cold because if you made any sudden movement you could possibly on top of my freeze or instantly turn into a Popsicle in seconds. I on the other hand, didn’t wake up as a Popsicle; I woke up flat on my face friend Sofia. She was so mad I could have sworn flames were shot out of her nose like a dragon. I managed to calm her down and go back to sleep, but it wasn’t for long.Minutes later her cousin Ashley and Adriana bursted into the room to get us to go to the park. The problem wasn’t that we had to get up when we had gotten to sleep, the real problem was to get Sofia’s mom to get her to let us go to the park. We begged her and begged her until our throats were sore and finally she said the one word we had been waiting for.

We were on our way to Adams Park. I was shaking from the cold do bad that my teeth were trembling and my knees were as hard as a rock. Everyone at the park was having fun climbing trees and throwing snow balls at each other and all I could do was stare at them because I was just too scared to be climbing trees.

I was feeling so upset I started to throw pinecones at the street. Suddenly my friend Sofia started them at the cars that were passing by. Since she was up in a tree no one could see her because she camouflaged perfectly. So all they saw were flying pinecones out of nowhere. Then her cousin tried to reach out for a pinecone. Without a second passing I heard a scream from the second branch; BAMBUSHH ! It was Ashley and she had fallen and landed on her back, luckily she was fine and up in no time.

My friend Sofia and her cousin Adriana kept throwing pinecones, but luckily neither Sofia nor Adriana had good aims. That didn’t mean they didn’t damage any cars they hit three cars, but none of them stopped. I think they didn’t even notice. The fourth car was a shining red truck. The truck instantly turned and was headed our way.

In one second the big, tall, bald guy was out of his truck PUJJJJSSHHHHH he slammed the door so hard it was like an earthquake had gone off and the same second I was gone, I was so nervous that I couldn’t think of a better solution than to run like a maniac. I saw a short lady with sweats and a gray sweater. So I started walking/ jogging with her. I then went up a dark alley and I was headed towards Sofia’s house. Suddenly I hear loud footsteps behind me. I ran until …. I got tired and turned around. I saw no one at first and thought It was my imagination from where I was still scared.

“Hey you! Stop right there,” said a deep voice.

I refused and kept on running until I got tired. I stopped and turned to find my friend Sofia and her cousin Adriana following me. I took a deep breath. They were only trying to get a good scare out of me and it Shure did work because I was still shaking.

We finally got reached Sofia’s house I felt horrible and I thought my head was going to explode until I figured out that a sometimes an innocent prank can turn out for the worst!

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