Alexander"s arrival

March 22, 2013
When a baby is born premature they need to stay in the hospital to improve. My brother Alexander was born seven weeks before my mom’s due date. When he was born he was immediately taken to the “Natal Intensive Care Unit” known as the “NICU”. There he stayed for three weeks during those three weeks I was not able to see him or even sit in the chairs inside of the doors.

My parents were always at the hospital day and night. I would stay home with two of my uncles that live with us. Every two days they would go see my brother, and they would take me as well, so I would take my homework and I would sit on the floor in the hallway in front of the emergency doors.

One sunny Sunday morning my mom and my dad had left early. Before my mom left she said that my uncles were going to the hospital and from there we would go eat breakfast. After my uncles went inside I slowly sat down on the floor and looked at the people passing by. At times I would cry because everyone in my family would go inside and see him but not me. When my uncles come out they told me that,” Alex was coming out the next day!” I did not believe them. They left and like two minutes after my mom and my dad came out the doors. When I saw then I asked them if it was true that my brother was getting out of the hospital. My mom and my dad said, “Yes!” at the same time and smiled at me. After we went to buy to eat we went to buy all the things my brother needed, for example the crib, car seat, and other things. We had not bought it because it these things were going too alone so it was going to be sad

On April 23, 2012 Alex came out of the hospital and came home. I did not go to school that day and my dad also did not go to work. I was very excited that he was coming home. I guess that waiting after all did pay off. Now he is almost one year old, and I spend my afternoons after school playing with him and spending time with him.

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