March 10, 2013
Walking forth on the path of righteousness the small warrior limps to her next battle. Being used to fighting her whole life the warrior prepares herself mentally for the new stumbling mountain in her way.
"You won't survive this one."
"You're too small to fight." The evil voices snicker, and sneer at the brave girl. She just ignores them, and moves on. As she walks closer to the mountain a slivering, dark mist crowds around her. The warrior grips the hilt of her sword, trying to remain conscious as the noxious fumes overwhelm her. The warrior tries to walk forth only to stumble down from the dark poison. Before she hits the ground many pairs of familiar arms catch her.
"Don't worry." They say, "We're always here for you. We'll never let you fall."
That is why the young warrior never gives up. Because she is strong, loving, and has a whole team of fighters right behind her, ready to defend her, and help her whenever need be.

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