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March 6, 2013
By Beastymc BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Beastymc BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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One sunny hot day my friend, Christian and I had decided to have a jumping contest. He was full of himself thinking he would win. There were two challenges. The first one was jumping over a garbage can. The second challenge was to jump over a car.

"You already know I'm going to win Marcell, so just give up." Said Christian.
I said, "You won't until we try."

He had failed both challenges where I had succeeded at. He then asked, "How are you so good at jumping over stuff so easily like that?" I had told him that I used to parkour/ free run.

I then showed him all what I could do. At that time my skills weren't all that great. I began to examine his yard and see what moves I would be able to pull off. I then had started running up the tree and jumping off the limbs of it. There was a slight moment of feeling adrenaline rushing through my whole body. It was only a taste of it that made my body want more. I jumped to the ground in an instant. Christian's face lit up and it reminded me of how red a rose was.

"That was amazing!" He said.

"Oh that?" Trying to sound all confident and cocky, "That was nothing but I'm not the best." "I still need more practice but it's been a whole since I had done it though."

"Hey can we practice together?!" He said
He sounded very eager to try this so I thought why not?

That same day we went to the park and began to practice. We wanted to put a little pizazz in what we did. We first began to perfect our front flips. We didn't have enough courage or skill to do a black flip yet. Once we did that we started to test out our limits of running. My limit was 5 minutes of running and jumping around. At that time my heart was pounding like it wanted to pop out of my chest. Christian's time was around the same. Fatigue didn't stop us though we kept pushing ourselves until we literally could not run any more.

Both of us had gotten better within one day which was amazing. We began to start jumping on roof tops and doing tricks in the air. I loved that feeling i had when i was in mid air. Letting my whole body go run freely and for a second it felt as if i were flying when i jumped in the air. The breeze and adrenaline rushed through my body. I don't know why I stopped before. Maybe it was because I was too young and inexperienced and didn't need to be doing dangerous stuff like this before. From that day on this was my new hobby just to get away from regular life and do something exciting.

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