Didn't He Realize?

February 25, 2013
Didn’t he realize that it wasn’t the only option? That there were people that would have been there for him, cared for him, if he had only let us know that he needed it? That he wasn’t alone?

Didn’t he realize that things get better soon? That he just had to hang on for a little bit longer before he could get away and try to be happy?

Didn’t he realize that he affected everyone that had ever come in contact with him, and even some people that didn’t? That his family would be devastated and lost, his friends would never see anything but him in the hallways again, and that the people that he had never spoken to in school would still wish to see him in those same hallways?

Didn’t he realize that his smile hid too much? That if he had let someone know that he was upset, even one time, someone would have been able to help him?

Didn’t he realize that there were places for him to go for help? People for him to talk to? Things to get his mind off of what was going on?

Didn’t he realize how young he was? How many smiles and laughs and birthdays and friends he had left? How many people he had left to see? How much love he still had to give and return? That the person he met in the future could have been his saving grace?

Didn’t he realize that this could have been avoided? That he could still be here with us? That there would be a school full of dry eyes instead of wet if he would have just stayed with us? That we would all miss him this much when he was gone?

It seems that he didn’t, but he should have. Someone should have shown him this. Someone should show everyone this. There is always a way out, a happiness coming for you, better times on their way. I wish that he had known, so I had the chance to help. Never let that chance slip away.

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