Why am I scared?

January 27, 2013
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Why is it so hard to join a conversation? Why can't I just type 'Hello' and hit send? Even when I know that I'm surrounded by friendly people, I sit at my computer and wonder, 'what if they don't like me?
Am I so afraid of any type of rejection that I cant even speak to somebody I can't see? Maybe I'm just waiting for somebody to say hello to me, but how will that be possible if they cant see me?
After all, It's not as if someone can magiclly see me sitting at a chatroom, and decide to say hello.
It's worse in real life though, everyone believes im the quiet girl. If only they could see into my mind, I have so much to say... But with nobody to say it to... Why am I so afaid of rejection?
I guess I will never know. But I do know, that I will always love the little wonders of everyday life. Of the random person saying hello, or the boy I bumped into apoligizing to me. These wonders will never cease to exist for me.
And that, I will never forget.

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