Miracle Baby Johny

January 26, 2013
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So I want to start off by saying that God is awesome. He created miracles for a reason. I have a wonderful, handsome nephew that wasn't supposed to live on this day, but by Gods love and miraculous power, my nephew is still here on earth to live his life as a wonderful young man. He is the most awesome thing that ever happened to me. Thank you God.

I can sit here for days telling you all about my nephew. I remember when my sister was pregnant with him. I was too happy for her and her son. He was always kicking inside of her like he was crazy, so we all named him happy feet. A while passed and when my sister was only on 24 weeks (6 months) of her pregnancy, she gave birth to a wonderful little baby named Johnny. I remember he was 1 pound and 12 ounces when he was born. So that day she gave birth I was like ants in someone’s pants that would not calm down. He has lovely blond hair and eyes that change colors whenever the weather changes. I can say that he has gotten stronger and stronger since the day he was born.

He was born and around 3:30pm on April 25th, 2012. I could hardly wait to actually go and see him in the hospital and just kiss him. He was in the hospital from the day of his birth until his due date. Then he finally came home to a huge family that couldn't wait to see him. Right now he weighs close to 17pounds. He is very chunky because he eats so much. When I first had seen him I was like now I have a baby to put to sleep at night and play with until I can’t any more. If it wasn’t for Gods’ glory and miraculous acts I and my family wouldn’t have a wonder and handsome nephew here on earth.

I can say that he is truly a blessing to my life because ever since he was born, I’ve been too happy for him. I love to play with him and just tickle him to make him laugh. Every morning before school, he’ll be half a sleep, but still have a huge and bright smile on his face before I leave for school. He always put a smile on my face even when I wasn't having a good day or even to get me to laugh with him. I just love him with all my heart. I can tell everyone that nothing or no one can take his place in my heart. He will be my heart no matter what happens or goes on.

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Dj JEsus Soto said...
Jan. 30, 2013 at 10:44 pm
Great Job Sandy, what description and awesome heart you have! God Bless :)
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