Angel Kissed Innocence

January 22, 2013
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Everyone has it. It's a natural 'instinct' that we've had since we were born. Love. We're born with that delicate innocence, no knowledge of all the hate in this world. We're a clean slate. A clean soul. All we know is love and happiness...except for the occasional unhappiness of a messy diaper. Other than that...Angel kissed innocence.

As years pass, we learn things. How to walk, how to talk, how to sing our ABC's and 123's. We also start to get a sense of who we are. Who the people are around us...And as that happens, our innocence starts to fade. Not even fade--It's like it's brutally ripped away from us, and we're forced to accept the cruelness around us as we are introduced to new things.

We're introduced to a whole new world full of hurting. We meet Hate. Opinion. Judgement. Lies. Jealousy. Discrimination. People...

The same people who used to be blessed with that angel kissed innocence are the same ones who turn into beasts. Ripping you into pieces. Leaving you confused wondering--"What the hell happened?" Life. Life happened.

Soon enough that love we were born with and wore over our entire body is shaved down and shoved deep inside of ourselves, only able to give out so much of what's left of itself until it's gone. Mostly to family...but then you meet strangers. You meet people. The people that can make or break you. Friends. Boyfriends. Girlfriends. They can fill you up with so much love, or they can rip it all out of you in a second-- and we all know how hard it is to get that back...However, we don't learn that until it's too late, when that little piece of trusted love you gave is completely drained and tarnished.

I've always wondered what happened when you've given all of the love that the monsters in this world left you with. What happens when that angel kissed innocence is dead and gone...

I think we'll be left heartbroken wondering--"What the hell happened..."

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