When It's Gone

January 17, 2013
To: My Future Self
From: My Past Self
Subject: My love for music!!!!

Music.I love it, I can listen to it forever. I love how each song is unique and tells a story. Everyone has their own taste in music, whether if it’s reggae or rock and roll. Music shapes our society if you take into account everyone’s individuality and how they display themselves, this is because of music, it molds us to become who we want to be. Basically everything is music when you really think about it, because every car passing by and dogs barking are all music!!!! I eat, sleep, and breath music, that's how much I love and need to listen to it. Hey did you know that everything is music? What do you think, is music really necessary to have in the world?

Date sent: December 2, 2012

To: My Past Self
From: My Future Self
Subject: When Music Left

I remember music. The sound. The feeling. Also how I would always get when I placed my headphones on and I would hear the soft melodies floating out of the headphones. The world isn't the same without it, people don’t act the same. The world is unaudible, I can’t hear the soft squeak when I slide my shoes on the ground, I can’t hear dogs barking or cars riding by my house. I can’t hear laughter anymore either. I really miss those sounds.

Date sent: Feburary 19,2098

But what if the world is just fine without music? Why do we even have music, it brings us even more pain? And a world without music is a world without pain right? Just imagine people wouldn’t scream words of hate at the top of their lungs. No more guitars or pianos. No more ear aching alarms going off in the middle of the night. No more sounds of babies crying. The world would be completely silent. You would be able to do whatever you want because no one can break the silence and say "Don’t do that". You could finish your homework in peace because you aren’t wasting your time arguing with your siblings. Actually, the world would probably be better off without music, we don’t need it.
Or do we?

Rebecca Hornstein, a mix tape artist, was interviewed about her thoughts on music.

Interviewer: In your opinion how do you feel about music?

Rebecca Hornstein: "I think that when you have the right instruments, beat and harmony, and a message behind it, it is a beautiful thing. Music has a lot of power and that is awesome. However, I think the best songs are the ones that tell stories or get you to ask questions."

Interviewer: "What don’t you like about music?"

Rebecca Hornstein: "Nothing."

Interviewer: "In your opinion what do you think the world would look like without music?"

Rebecca Hornstein: "People will always be making music, only a world with no sounds would be a world without music."

See maybe we do need music. Except we take so many things for granted. And when its gone. That's when we are going to need it the most.

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