The Old Days

January 7, 2013
It seems like all of our best memories were when we were little kids, running around with runny noses. Well, maybe not runny noses but really little and young. When we were in Pre-school and Kindergarten. As I ask my friends about things they remember about their childhood I always get crazy answers.

One of the most famous one that applies to me also is when we used to watch the Teletubbies. How we used to be deathly afraid of that vacuum and how it used to scare the heck out of us! I remember my favorite one was the purple teletubby. I was so in love with it that I had a stuffed animal of it. I didn't get rid of it until about 5 years ago but i remember I begged my mom not to give it to Goodwill.

Many of us probably had our unforgettable item. They may have been a stuffed animal or another else. And then wen we lost it we would've flipped. When I was in Pre-school, the one day I still see crystal clear in my mind was the day I forgot "my item". I forgot my blankie in my cubbie box. I brought my little pink blankie to school literally every day. Me and my blankie were inseparable!I loved that thing will all my heart. It was a white material with little boys and girls at the beach in the sand. The rim was a light pink color and on the top was these pink twisty thingies. My aunt came to pick me up one day and I forgot my blankie! I wouldn't let her unbuckle me because of how much I was screaming and kicking. The next day came and my dad took me to school. I totally skipped out on his bear hug and went straight to my cubbie to get blankie. That NEVER happened ever again...

One of the last but greatest memories of kids are when they were in Kindergarten. COOTIES!!!!!!! At recess, every boy would chase the girls and try to give them their 'cooties.' All the girls' screaming their heads off because they didn't want to die. The funny thing is, is that cooties are really body lice. And we were scared of getting THAT?!

It's so sad to see how time goes by and how much we miss those silly little memories that meant so much to us. I love watching those kids that enjoy the silly things that ever you used to love. But we should all have learned one thing about our childhood, and that is to never let the child in us leave our bodies forever!

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