Who am I?

December 21, 2012
If I showed you my true self, would you laugh me out of your life, or would you accept me for who I am?
Can I open up to you about what I am going through, or will you tune out the things that don't interest you?
How will I know you won't ever leave me for someone who is normal?

I don't like the normal... If everyone were normal, the world would be a boring place to live. Science would not have advanced because no one would have tested the normal.
There would be no E=mc(2), there would be no laws of physics or motion. Newton and Einstein would have been two regular guys that no one payed any attention to.
How can I be sure I am who I act like around my family, friends and boyfriend...?
Do I have a different personality for each group of people or am I a consistent Amber...?
How many people know me as the smart girl with years of dance experience who grew up in a small southern town?

Who do people think I am? Will I ever know who I am, or will I confuse myself of my true identity?

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