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Is it possible to get good teams in league of legends?

Is it possible to get a good team in League of Legends? I don’t know, you tell me. Whenever I get out of school, I want to enjoy myself by playing a game of League Of Legends. One where I don’t lose, were I can go in and win, do well and have fun. Or even lose and have fun. I want to enjoy the game but, when people are level thirty, the highest level, they want to play, I get paired up with these horrible mistakes of League Of Legends. They are so bad, they die for the dumbest reason, they don’t even try! Worst of all, they feed. Feeding is when you give an enemy kills multiple kills. When these enemies get really powerful, they pub stomp pretty much everybody, even me the person who was doing well early game (which isn’t easy by the way).

The people who suck then don’t want to just give up. They don’t even know that they are sucking, they just keep playing the game like nothing is going no, except the whole team is fighting each other because the enemy team is fed. They make the game longer than it should be and it gets really boring. Thirty minuets of my life wasted playing that horrible one game because of the feeder/bad player. It's like playing a team sport were one of your teammates doesn’t even try.

Early game is when it starts, the feeding. They die over and over and over again. When the person gets every kill on their team, they start roaming, running around killing everyone, if they are not the adc(attack damage carry). When the jungler/top gets fed and roam around the map, it's over because the top lane comes with the jungle to gank, and vice versa. If the adc gets fed, is a more late mid/late game thing. If the middle gets fed, depending on the who they are and how they gank, its just like an adc, a mid/late game thing, but it doesn’t matter, its still a loss. At the end the feeding is over, they have one person on the enemy team who will usually say GG(good game) baddies, or easy, etc. It just makes the game not fun.

I think that Riot(the people who made the game) should add more levels to the game. There wouldn't be this problem of bad people, because it is so simple and east to level up to thirty, the highest level. If they added like 70 more levels, it would be so much better because, I would be playing with good people, while the bad people play with, well bad people. With these levels there should be more mastery points to spend on the mastery tree, make more rune page slots, and make more money gain per game.

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