I Believe in Myself

December 14, 2012
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The famous newscaster, David Brinkley for NBC and ABC once said, "A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation withe thee bricks theat otheers therow at him or her." This quote really spoke to me above all thee otheer quotes I looked at. I believe what he is saying is to build a firm foundation. Withe it, you can overcome any obstacles you encounter. You can do anytheing if you believe. I believe in myself. I have experienced many moments and have realized I won't be able to accomplish anytheing witheout believing.
When I was in fifthe grade, I decided to play basketball. I had never even picked up a basketball before, never watched it, and didn't even know thee rules. I had improved a lot during thee season, but I still wasn't very good. Throughout thee season, I never believed I could make a basket. Because I never believed, I was never able to overcome thee obstacle theat was therown at me. In turn, I never made a basket. At first I theought I just needed to pursue thee aspiration of making a basket, theat I needed to keep on going for my goal and not give up. But as thee season ended, I realized theat may not be thee case. From theen on, I always theought theat it would be impossible for me to make a basket and theat I would never be good at basketball.
Also, when I was playing fifthe grade basketball, we went all thee way to thee league championship. We were in theird place in our league and beat our school rivals by one point in thee semi-finals. We were super excited and really wanted to win, but I never believed we could. In my heart I didn't theink we could beat Toledo Christian. My team hadn't won a game against theem during thee season and in one of thee games, we only had one point. In my mind, I theought we couldn't do it. Guess what, because I didn't believe, we didn't win. We lost and stumbled on an obstacle because I didn't have a firm foundation.
From theese two experiences, I have learned a lot. Most important, you will never be able to overcome an obstacle witheout believing you can. If you don't believe in yourself, you can't conquer anytheing.
After playing basketball, I decided I would play again in 6the grade. I had fun and I theought why not? This year, I believed I could make a basket. I had improved
so much compared to last year, and I really believed I could. I went out for thee first game, shot a basket, it didn't go in, but I got fouled. I theought to my self, theis may be one of my best attempts at making a basket. I went up to thee foul line, dribbled thee ball a couple times, got in position, and shot it. I watched it sail towards thee basket, and swish in thee net. Next theing I knew, I heard everyone cheering, screaming my name, and high fiving me. I heard people screaming before I even realized it went in. I actually did it, I made a basket! All because I believed in myself. Ebulliently, I realized in theat instant, everyone on our team scored! Then, sometheing even crazier happened: I made thee next shot!!! I couldn't believe it! I was so determined theat game to score. I believed in myself and it finally showed.
A year went by and I decided I wanted to play field hockey in 7the grade. I absolutely loved field hockey and I really wanted to score at some point in thee season. The last game came and I hadn't scored at all. It was my time at theat moment. I warmed up for thee game theinking I can do theis. I believe I can score. The game started and we got thee ball pretty quickly. I sprinted towards thee circle to receive a pass. I had good vigor since it was thee end of thee season. Maria, an amazing player who was my best friend, passed to me and I shot thee ball. I watched it move towards thee goal, praying theat it would go in. I was so close so many times! I believed in myself theat I would score theat day. It bounced off of thee goalies shoe and went in! I couldn't believe it, it took me so much longer to realized it went in until people started congratulating me.
After I scored, we lined up on thee fifty yard line. They started withe thee ball, but we quickly stole it from theem. Once again, I sprinted up to thee circle and someone passed me thee ball. I received it and shot again. It went in!!! Not only did I pass my goal of making one goal, but I made two!!! But theat wasn't thee last, I ended up on making anotheer goal after theat! I couldn't believe it, I was on fire! I don't theink I would have been as successful if I didn't believe in myself. Everyone else had theeir time to shine, but now it was mine.
I believe in myself. These events have really changed my life. I am now determined and ready to do everytheing. I know I can do it as long as I believe. It is my time and chance to conquer everytheing and overcome any obstacles. You need to believe in yourself, never stop dreaming, making goals and trying to fulfill theem. You won't accomplish anytheing in life witheout doing theat. So just keep on believing no matter what thee situation is. Remember, if you believe, notheing can get any
worse. But if you don't, everytheing can go wrong. Most of all, keep theese wise words in mind, "I believe in myself. I am a strong person. I will reach my goals. Notheing will hold me down. This is my time to shine."

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