December 14, 2012
By Becca95 SILVER, St. George, Utah
Becca95 SILVER, St. George, Utah
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"Just because you call an electric eel a rubber duck doesn't make it a rubber duck does it? And God help the poor bastard who decides to take a bath with the duckie."
-Jace Wayland; City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

They define catharsis as the purging of emotion. A writer writing something down simply to remove it from their chest. This is my catharsis.
Death is a necessary evil of which I am well aware of. You are born, you live, you die. Death is inevitable.
Sometimes death is peaceful, someone passing in their sleep. Someone who has lived their life and everyone knows they are going to die soon. This death is no surprise to anyone.
Then there is the surprise. A person who was young with miles of life before them, gone in a blink of an eye. Maybe it was peaceful, they left us in their sleep. It doesn't matter to those left behind, the damage is immense. So may people, parents, siblings, friends, loved ones are left to question why. Why that person? Why not me? Why them? Why? Why? Why?
There are of course worse deaths, like the torturous and painful ones. Ones that kill even the people watching their beloved wither away. This usually comes in the form of disease such as cancer. It eats away a person from the inside out, leaving them and those surrounding them praying for that release.
Why do people die? Sometimes it makes sense. A great-grandmother who has been sick and on her deathbed for weeks. An uncle who's body has been ravaged by cancer, his family holding hands with one another praying that he feels better, his fifteen year old niece hating herself as she's praying to God (if there's still a God) to just kill her uncle already. More often than not, it doesn't make sense when people die. The sixteen year old boy you vaguely know but remember from childhood who now, as your mother tells you through tears has committed suicide. Or the just-barely-turned-eighteen year old boy who was loved by everyone at school who took a nap but never woke up. Maybe it was the eight month old baby boy of a beloved family, who in dying impacted many.
Death is an end which we all will meet, whether it makes sense to others or not, we must all go when our it is our time to go meet the maker. Every life lived is valuable and the death of one person no matter how small and insignificant can impact and change the lives of so many, so to that person reading this, please make your life count. This brings an end to my catharsis

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