Forget it.

December 6, 2012
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A life can change in an instant, decisions you make words you choose to say or not. Every action has a consequence. An innocent little girl who had everything taken away because of some monster. Now living with the memories; memories she had forgotten, but now remembers in painful detail. That girl now has a choice tell someone what happened to her, or let the memories eat her alive. She can’t stand the thought that telling would mean looks of pity, having people feel sorry for her, or worst of all that nobody will believe her, she just wants to forget again, but the memories are always there every time she closes her eyes she sees his face and she is brought right back into that night. Who knew one night, could hurt so bad? She’s conflicted, and doesn’t know what to do. Wishing she knew that everything was going to be okay; that no matter what happened it would work out. Deep down she knows things will never truly be okay no matter what she does, so she will never tell just live with the consequences to the actions that were set into motion years ago.

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