Expect It All This Fall

November 26, 2012
As we move into September the weather gets cooler, the tan you worked hard on all summer starts to fade, and the leaves begin to change. Summer is out, and fall is officially here. It’s time to put away the shorts and tank tops and purchase the latest in fall trends. But what can we expect to see this year filling the halls? Stripes, polka-dots, neon, color-blocking, and floral, expect it all this fall.
Skinny jeans are back, and revamped this year. Expect to see this well known style making a reappearance. However, they seem to be making the switch from basic dark denim to bright colors as well as floral and tribal patterns.
We never thought we’d see the day, but the jeans you made fun of your mom for wearing may just be a fashion statement of 2012. The high-waisted, distressed jeans and jean shorts are already making a huge comeback in the fashion industry. In addition, many girls are making DIY projects out of them by adding studded detail, dying them different colors, and bleaching for various effects. Plus for only $7, you can buy your own pair from goodwill and customize them anyway you like.
As far as tops go fashion experts predict the effortless look of mixing and matching different prints will live on. We saw a preview of this last spring when the runways paired different florals patterns with each other to give a random, yet edgy effect. Now, we can expect this trend to make a debut off the runway and into the wardrobes.
For footwear, the reign of Toms will continue. This unique shoe is cute, comfortable, and it allows you to give back. In fact, for every pair of Toms purchased, a pair of shoes will be given back to a child in Africa without shoes. This get a pair, give a pair promotion is perfect, because the shoes are fashionable and you’re helping out a child in need.
Boots are back. This fall expect to see the ankle boots back, but this time around they all have a more edgy vibe, including zippers and studs. Not only ankle boots but combat boots too. This military inspired boot instantly adds a touch of edge to any outfit, and they can be worn with just about anything.
Overall, this fall is all about being creative and colorful as well as mixing and matching unexpected things. Truly, you can’t go wrong!

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