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November 8, 2012
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Music is a large part of my life. I’m in the band at school, and I also play bass guitar outside of school in a band. This bass guitar has taken up much of my after school time, and it is worth it. Playing bass is a very time consuming task if someone is dedicated. Learning and developing a technique to play faster has taken up most of my practice time on bass. I have been playing bass for more than two years, but I can still improve more.

Practicing playing the bass guitar is very time consuming. Some days I have played to a point where I could feel the blood in the tips of my sore fingers, which are worn down to nearly nothing. Friends have given me compliments about how good I have become playing the bass. One friend said that I should go somewhere with it when I get older.

One of the most exciting activities someone can do in a band, obviously, is to play at a concert or a talent show. We played last year in front of the entire high school; it was a very nerve-racking experience, knowing that if I messed up one note we would have to either restart the song or just look stupid in front of the entire student body. I thought, ‘I have to hit every note perfectly.’ Even though the song we played was simple, we all knew that if one of us messed up, the entire audience would know and would never let us live it down. During this whole experience, I remembered what my band teacher always told us: “If you’re going to mess up, make it big.” Thankfully, we tied for second place.

The day we played in front of the high school was one of the most memorable days of my sophomore year. The gong show is something that I will never forget. When we walked up onto the stage, hundreds of people watched us intently as we prepared to play. I had a feeling of both accomplishment and fear being up on stage ready to play. I was proud of myself that day, especially when the judges held up their signs, showing the score they thought that we deserved: a nine, another nine, and a ten.

Also, bands do not always last forever, and at one point or another, there will be a need for a new number one band. Sooner or later, bands break apart, opening opportunities for other musicians to take over. Hopefully, one day, our band will be able to replace one of the most famous bands. Also, some band members may leave the band because of a number of reasons. Someday, a band such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers may be in need of a bass guitarist, which means that they need someone who is skilled with one, like I am.

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