My soul brother.

November 1, 2012
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I’m going to talk about the relationship with my best friend .His name is Ivan. I met him in a party ,two years ago. At the first time I saw him, I knew that we would be good friends. My friend Teresa introduce us and he was very polite and nice with me. We started to talk each afternoon by Facebook, and finally, one day, we met at a cafeteria. Time pass quickly when I am next to him…We are always laughing and telling stories… I feel better and grateful when I know that he exists in my life.

Some people started to talk about our friendship as soon as we met the first time. They said that we were boyfriends, but I didn’t mind. He didn’t mind neither.

I know that girls usually fell jealous when they see us because Ivan is so cute ,he has big, dark eyes and short dark hair. He loves doing sport and we sometimes meet for jogging or playing tennis. He knows all my secrets, and he is the only person in the world that knows how to do to make me feel good…

A little smile appears on my face when I’m thinking in him, when I remember each plan and moment that I have lived with him.

I hope that his personality never change, because I think I would never meet a person so honest, sincere, humble and nice as he is. We have lots of stories ,photos and anecdotes that we have lived together that I could never forget, because they are part of my life. He has taught me to be more patience, to share and the most important thing: to forgive.

When I feel lonely or sad, I try to revive in my mind our bests moments together…And ,as always, his memory can change my humor and makes me start the day with illusion and happiness.

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