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October 26, 2012
By kaitee4 BRONZE, Auburn, New York
kaitee4 BRONZE, Auburn, New York
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Ever since I was little I have never broken anything. Everyone in my family has either hurt something or broke it but me; I never have until my freshman year in high school.

On February 11, 2012 it was probably the most amazing but sad day. It was a Saturday morning and we were at a high school in Camillus, New York for the Sweetheart Cheerleading competition. I cheered for the JV team for my high school. The team and I just got done competing and had just walking off the mat. The coach stopped the team and told us how proud she was because we did an amazing job with our performance. After coach was done she told us that we could go get something to eat or buy bows and t-shirts. Me, Jillian Aysha and Arianna were walking down to the cafeteria. We were all happy and excited about our performance because we knew that we did an awesome job, because when we got off the mat are coach was crying. So as we were walking Jillian and I were fooling around with each other and play fighting. Jillian went to go kick me and I went to go catch her leg so it didn’t hit me. As I went to go catch her leg my ring finger and my pinkie finger were in a fist motion and it happened so quick that I didn’t realize what happened. Then all of a sudden an hour later as we were watching all the varsity teams perform, my hand started hurting. I went and told my coach and she said that I probably jammed it and to go ice it. I iced my hand for the rest of competition.

I’m lucky that it was the last competition of the season because two weeks later I went to the doctor because it still hurt. At the doctor I found out that I had broken my hand. I didn’t realize that I had broken my hand at the competition because when it happened I was laughing so hard that I didn’t feel the pain. I didn’t think that it could have broken my hand and neither did my mom. The doctor said that it was okay and to just stop using it for two weeks. So for the next two weeks I had to use my left hand to do things. After them two weeks were over they said to see how it was going and to go to the hand specialist and they would look at my hand and figure out what is wrong with it. We set that appointment and went to it. At that appointment they told me that my hand was perfectly fine. They told me to come back in 6 to 8 weeks if it still was hurting me. I keep finding myself-having to go back to the hand doctor every 6 to 8 weeks for the to check my hand. Whatever I keep doing isn’t helping my hand. It might be cheerleading that is still making my hand hurt but we don’t know for sure yet. I am hoping that it isn’t cheerleading because that is the one thing I can do and be my self at.

I just recently went back to the hand doctor during September of 2012 and I found out that something else was now wrong with my hand. They told me what to do if it continued to hurt, but last night (October 17,2012) at cheer practice I hurt it again and had to ice it all practice. I’m happy that it wasn’t as serious as breaking my hand.

From this accident happening i have learned that it is not good to fool around at places where you have to be serious about what you're doing or you could hurt other people. This whole experience has been difficult but i have learned to deal with it and get threw everything and do what i have to.

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