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October 22, 2012
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I mentally crossed off another day in my mind. The wait was killing me. My iPod should have arrived exactly 2 weeks ago. Each day I came home from school, I would make the trip to the living room and check the mail. Yet another day of disappointment and not a single package with my name or an Apple Logo. I sighed and started making the trip up to my room. Maybe I should re-check my account, I thought. My parents had ordered the iPod online from the Apple store, well that's what they told me anyway. I wanted to check online to make sure they weren't lying. It's not like it hadn't happened before. It was my birthday and I had begged my parents for a laptop. They got me one but after a week they took it away because apparently I was spending too much time on my laptop and not with them. I never got the concept of my parents, they buy me something and then take it away. What's the point of that? It didn't help with the whole 'bonding' thing. I passed by my parents bedroom and saw my mom folding the laundry. She caught sight of me and beckoned me over to come inside. I dreaded what was going to happen next. Me and my mom have the most awkward relationship. We barely talk to each other because I have nothing to talk to her about. She's always judging for what I do, and who I hang out with, and she's almost always at work. I shuffled inside and raised my eyebrow at her, questioning why she asked me to come over. She ignored me and instead asked me how my day went. I shrugged, knowing my mom didn't really care. She probably asked because that's what she feels that moms' should do, but trust me, she's not the best at it. I just wanted to get to the safety of my room so I hitched my backpack higher up my shoulder and started to walk back out into the hallway. About halfway out my mom must have remembered why she actually called me over. She said, " Oh hey, I folded a bunch of your clothes too, they're in the bottom left drawer, so take them with you." I was actually surprised to hear her say that. My mom never has time to fold clothes and when she does, her clothes come first. She has me fold my own clothes, so this astonished me. I walked over to the side table and opened the drawer. Sitting on top of a box and Home Magazine were a pile of neatly stacked clothes. I picked them up carefully, feeling the warmth of them and hugged them to my chest. As I was about to close to drawer I spotted shiny silver material. I, of course, love anything sparkly or shiny, so I toke out the Home Magazine and put it aside on the carpet floor. The next moment I dramatically dropped the nicely folded clothes and I crouched in front of the drawer. There, in a smooth package, lay my beautiful, white, new iPod. A jumble of emotions went through me. Squealing like a little girl, I toke the white package out, stood up and turned in a circle, all the while holding the package like it was a baby. I suddenly felt really confused and stopped spinning around. I turned on my mom and asked, "Mom, what the hell is my iPod doing in your drawer?" Anger bubbled inside of me. All this time I waited, and here my mom had just hidden it from me in her drawer. In her damn drawer. She silently cursed under her breathe. "Put that back where you found it", She answered.

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