His Persistence

October 25, 2012
By Cynmarie415 SILVER, Lawrenceville, Georgia
Cynmarie415 SILVER, Lawrenceville, Georgia
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He's working on my heart. God I love His Persistence. The way he makes me stop and listen to what he has to say, showing me that he's not the same, I love it. The way he sees my pain even when I smile. The way he tells me he's here for me and will never walk out. I love it.

He's working on my mind, damn I love His Persistence. How he keeps me up at night by just being on my mind, speaking to me through my dreams, holding me on his mind. His colors show.

He's working on my fears. Ooh I love His Persistence. How we get into that convo bout me trusting him and so he says I should, then I say I don't know how, then he gets mad and moves away from me, then I look in his eyes which just turned cold, and he says we can't go further if there's no trust, then I get quiet b/c I'm in my thoughts, then come back to earth and explain to him that I'm just hurt, then he says I'm here, then I get sad b/c I realize that I been hurt so much that I can't see when someone is trying to take care of me so I push them away...I see truth in your eyes.

He's working. And its working for me too. How he looks into my eyes but I can't look back b/c he'll look too deep causing me to break down and let it all go. He makes me let go..makes me step outside the box and see the world. I appreciate his effort...I would of gave up on myself by now.

In love w/his ability to creep out from under the darkness to be my light, instead of a dead shining star he's the moon in the sky. Holds my hand and tells me things he'll never do, but I cant hear b/c I'm distracted by a knock..why is he still speaking? Can't he hear it too? I guess not because I look down and realize that its my heart trying to tell me to let him in...For yes I am broken, but I do remain smart. I have a good feeling about this one so I'll take a chance and fall. I know I wont fall flat because he's holding my hand and when I fall it will be on solid ground, not a dark empty place.

In a world where there are billions, I only want 1. and this time I'm keeping my head up. In the vehicle of life which I've always been afraid of, he puts me on the passenger side, and says baby let's ride...
because, he's confident and ready. He's working on my heart and he's persistent. :-)

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