The Vase

October 22, 2012
By theguy24 BRONZE, Marshfield, Massachusetts
theguy24 BRONZE, Marshfield, Massachusetts
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I heard a sudden smash coming from downstairs. I got up to check it out and there was my mother’s expensive and cherished vase smashed to pieces. It all started about three weeks ago in the middle of the night on a Tuesday. Someone had just knocked over a valuable vase. My mother must have heard it too so she got up as well. It just so happened that I was near the remnants of the broken vase. My mother is nice but she jumps to conclusions very quickly so as you can tell I immediately got blamed for breaking the vase. I swore up and down that I didn’t do it but she didn’t believe me at all. So I decided to investigate the crime. I just knew it was one of my siblings who actually did it. Now I won’t rest until I find the true culprit is found and brought them to the parental authorities to serve their time. My quest began that very day.

So that day I began to interrogate my siblings one by one. I started with my little sister Diamond. She exclaimed, “I didn’t break the vase but I saw someone run up the stairs after it broke.” I took the statement into consideration and moved onto the next sibling. Her name is Destiny. She announced this, “I swear I didn’t break the vase, it was broken by the time I got there so I ran upstairs.” Then I thought to myself that’s who Diamond must’ve seen run up the stairs. As I moved on it’s as if the case got colder and colder each time I got close. All the answers were the same, “I didn’t do it.” So I have come to conclusion that the culprit was a liar as well. So it’s just the fact that I need to figure out who it is.

I forgot what time it was, but my mother had sent us to bed I tried to tell her I couldn’t rest but she wouldn’t hear what I had to say. So I brushed my teeth got my pajamas on and went to bed. Earlier that day I thought someone had told me who did it but is was just false hope. I woke up the next day and got dressed, combed my hair, brushed my teeth and went to school. The whole school day I was thinking about the whole situation. It bugged me that I couldn’t figure out who did it. As I got home from school I kind of just gave up. I finished up my homework and went outside. Then I came inside to eat dinner. Then it hit me only one other “person” so to speak was awake at the time. So now I’m hot on the trail of the real culprit that committed the crime.

As soon as dinner ended I bolted up the stairs to my room to compare my notes. Yes as weird as it sounds I took notes on the events that happened. I soon realized that there wasn’t conclusive evidence that anyone did it. So I have a dog named, Amber, and she is always up late. In fact, she was up when I came down stairs that evening. She was lying under the table that the vase was on. I heard barking momentarily before the shattering of glass. So I thought to myself, “what if the dog did it? “ Yes, I know that age old excuse comes into play here, the dog did it. It took all of fifteen minutes to construct a whole diagram of what happened that fateful night. The dog must have knocked on the table and the vase fell off. The picture was bad but it got the point across. “I am positive they will believe me now”, I thought to myself and I was dead certain about it.

It took me all of two days to figure it out, but I did. I mean all the facts were in front of me the whole time, aside from the notes and diagram. All I had to do was open my eyes to see more clearly. So I had to interrogate people harder than you would think to get the information. I also had to take each statement into consideration and jot them down. Then I had to worry about it and that I did a lot of. I thought the most challenging part was to narrow down the possibilities to one conclusion. I thought the diagram was hard but not too hard. In any case, I thought it was a job well done in the Conlon household considering my mom, after all, still didn’t believe me. But given the facts, I was able to convince her that it was the dog.

The author's comments:
I hope that people will not always jump to conclusions and check the facts before blaming someone, as my mom did.

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