October 10, 2012
By Jordan Clubbs BRONZE, St. Charles, Missouri
Jordan Clubbs BRONZE, St. Charles, Missouri
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“What are we doing now?” my grandpa asked my whole family as we finished eating. We were all piled around a table at the Chinese buffet. We had just eaten a lot and were stuffed.

“How about Wal-Mart? We could walk off some of this food,” my uncle said, patting his belly. The store was in the same strip mall as the buffet so we all agreed, paying and heading down to Wal-Mart. When we got there, my cousin and I headed straight to the toy aisle, throwing bouncy balls, having light saber fights. Then, my cousin found the tricycles and hopped on one immediately.

“Come on, Jordan! Get on a tricycle!” she exclaimed, riding down the aisle. I jumped on the small plastic bike, rounding the aisle with her. We laughed and rode up and down the aisle for about ten minutes.

“Hey guys, time to go,” my mom said. My cousin got off her bike, putting it back in its place. I started to stand up but my sleeves got stuck on the handlebars. Everything went in slow motion as I fell forward, hitting my chin on the floor hard. My mom ran over to me, helping me up. She touched my chin, rubbing it like a little kid with a booboo. She pulled her hand back with a shocked expression on her face. She had a crimson liquid on her fingers. Blood.

“I need paper towels!” she yelled to a nearby employee. He looked at her, surprised, but ran off to find them. He came rushing back with a huge wad of paper towels. My mom took them and pressed them to my chin. We rushed to the hospital, getting pulled over for speeding. My mom explained to the police officer that I had a serious injury. He then escorted us to the hospital. When we got there, I went to the bathroom and looked at my chin. I almost passed out from looking at the mangled mess on my face.

We had to wait four hours, changing out paper towels a few times. I ended up getting six stitches, my mom somehow staying in the room as the doctor stitched up my chin. She squeezed my hand tightly, obviously more afraid than I was. We finally went home at around eleven o’clock, tired and in pain

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