Behind the Back

October 5, 2012
By BaileeW BRONZE, Sedalia, Colorado
BaileeW BRONZE, Sedalia, Colorado
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I can’t have people behind me. Having people behind me scares me. There is a constant worry of if someone is going to do something to me behind my back. My past experiences have made it that I have to be able to see everyone. There are no exceptions sitting in class or walking down the hallways are the worst. I always have to look behind me to see if everything is alright. Every couple of minutes I have to look to see who is behind me or if anything has changed. It usually hasn’t but I still have to look. In class teachers make assigned seats and they try to make me sit where my back is to people, I can’t do it. If I am really uncomfortable then I will tell that I cant sit there. They ask me why. Then I tell them why and they look at me funny and don’t believe me. So I will end up not sitting in the seat they assign me, and then I end up getting in trouble because I am not doing what I am suppose to be doing.

may think it is weird that I think like this. It is a very uncomfortable thing. People judge me for it because it’s not normal. But what is normal anymore? Everyone has something that may bothers them or make them uncomfortable. It’s called being human. What if someone was trying to do something to you that make you uncomfortable? You’re not going to want to do it. That’s how I fell about it. People should respect what makes you uncomfortable.

            Having people behind my back is probably one of the worst things you can do to me. I scare easy so its something that really bothers me. I think that if people really want to do something to me that makes me uncomfortable then they have something wrong with them. A lot of people may not know that it bothers me but you should be able to see that it does by the expressions on my face or how I react to it. I think. So clearly having people behind my back is something that
really bothers me. People should not make me do something I don’t want to do. It is
something that is going to take time to get over but it has been bothering me
for quite a while. Time heals all wounds. So working on this comfort thing and
time is going to make it better. 

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