Something I Learned

October 5, 2012
By Anonymous

Over the summer I learned not to yell at people I don’t know. My sister had just gotten her

permit to drive with one person in the car that’s under the legal age. My friend was throwing a birthday

party for himself at his house and my sister and I got invited. On the way to the party my sister and I were

very excited to get there and then we ended up behind this white utility van and we were just driving

behind it. There was this trailer on the side of the road, the type you would hook up to the back of your

car. The white van went around it so we just followed like anyone would normally do, and he pulled up to

the stop sign.

He stopped at the stop sign, casually, just like your suppose to. Then, this old guy gets out of the

car and starts screaming at my sister. He was saying “What are you doing? I’m trying to back up to my

trailer!” because she was behind him and apparently he was trying to back up to the trailer so he could

hook it up to his van. He was being really mean about it, and since he was screaming at my sister for the

littlest reason, that made me really mad. My sister said back “Sorry, I will back up. I didn’t realize what you

were doing” and he just gave us the dirtiest look ever. I was sitting there thinking, “Who does this guy

think he is? She was doing nothing wrong.” Then once we backed up, he backed up to his trailer that he

was trying to get to. We started to go around him to go to the stop sign, where we were trying to go. As we

were passing him he was saying stuff to us like “Learn how to drive” and “Stop being stupid.” This made

me so mad. I yelled back at him “Calm down!” then he just looked at me and said “Oh, you shut up!”

Then I yelled back “You shut up!” While this guy and I were yelling at each other my sister was

screaming at me to stop. When we pulled out of that street the guy started to follow us. Now my sister was

freaking out. She started to cry and she was screaming at me more. Next, we were driving down this road

and he was right behind us. He was tailgating us, and he would back up. My sister was thinking that he

was taking the license plate number and he was going to call the cops on us. I was trying to explain that we

did nothing wrong, and that I was just standing up for her. She was still screaming and crying and yelling

“I hate you!” at me and saying “I’m going to get my license taken away because of you!” I wasn’t saying

anything back because that was just going to make her more upset. This guy was still following us really

closely. I think he was just trying to scare us. She didn’t know where to go, and I just said go to my

friend’s house and just pull in the drive way so he cant follow us anymore and just wait there until he

leaves. So, that’s what we did. When we were getting close to his house my sister wanted me to call my

friend to have his dad come outside just in case the guy got out of his van. When we pulled up to the house

we pulled in the driveway and the van just kept going. Then I got out of the car and my sister wanted to go

home because she was still crying her eyes out and she was still saying that she hated me and she’s going

to get her license taken away. When she left I just went inside and I was explaining to my friend’s parents

what happened. They said we did absolutely nothing wrong but maybe I didn’t have to yell back but I

thought I needed to. That calmed me down a lot because then I knew for a fact we were ok and if the cops

got involved the old guy was the one in trouble. They also told me that he was harassing us by following

us in his car and he could get in a lot of trouble for that. A few hours later my sister came to the party and

she just forgot about it and realized that we did nothing wrong and that I was just trying to stand up for


From this experience I learned that I shouldn’t be mean or yell at people that I don’t know and I

should just keep my thoughts to myself. We told my parents the day after when we went home in the

morning and they understood what I did and they also told my sister and I not to worry about it.

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