Everyone Else Was Laughing

October 5, 2012
It is a regular Friday morning just like any other. We are working out, lifting and working on abs, listening to Classic Rock, 99.3 The Eagle. When suddenly the music starts to skip. Coach Bassett can’t stand the music skipping, so he hits the radio. We all look around like what just happened? We go back to our workout. We are doing bench and squat today. My partner and I are on squat. I step up to go first. I’m an upperclassman; that’s my job. I put weight needed on the bar and walk under and out it on my shoulders. I push the bar off the rack and walk back enough to squat. Eight squats is how many I have to do for this set, one, two, three, then it happened. I passed gas really loudly! It was embarrassing. Everyone else was laughing but me, even coach Bassett. I will never forget that day. Mostly because the girls work out with will never let it go.

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