Taste of the Rainbow

October 4, 2012
By alexarothman7 BRONZE, Oak Lawn, Illinois
alexarothman7 BRONZE, Oak Lawn, Illinois
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Taste the Rainbow

Think about the last time you were truly happy. For some, it can come very easily but for others it may take some time to think about. I believe that happiness is like a bag of skittles.

A bag of skittles has a variety of colors and tastes. Happiness has a variety of emotions and reactions. Everyone has different reasons to be happy and their everyday life has a big toll on their mood for the day. Some people have daily routines that they have to live by as others just go with the flow. Life throws so many unexpected obstacles at you that are either good or bad. I believe that my life has had thrown many good things and bad things at me.
My brother got diagnosed with diabetes when he was 2 years old. Growing up, I realized that my life is sort of different now. I have a brother who has a disease in which he has to watch everything he eats and then add up how much insulin he needs to make up for the food. I have grown to be a more responsible person I think because of this because I’ve been looking out for him and caring about him in a different way. I don’t treat him different despite the fact that he has something wrong with him; I look at him like a normal human being. We do the same things any teens would do but I just am always watching and paying attention even if he doesn’t know it. It makes me happy to go to my brother’s football games and watch him score touchdowns like any other normal high school player. Running, freely with the football, is his favorite part about the sport. No one would know from looking at him that he has a disease that at any moment could spiral out of control and cause him to die. I get happy that I have a special brother but the fact that he can live a normal life too makes it even better.

Happiness can come from the littlest things. I personally love seeing people smile and being in a good mood. I’ve learned that there is so much out there that can cause my mood to go from a 10 to a 0 on a scale. I looked past what people have to say and I learned not to let it affect me anymore. In middle school, I wasn’t the most popular person around. I hated my life just because a lot of people made fun of me and I wasn’t “cool” enough to hang out with the popular group. Among my small group I had, I was definitely the one that was most self conscious. High school definitely changed my mind on what I care about people’s thoughts. I feel like I changed so much just because I can walk around in whatever I want and not care about what they are thinking. Even today if someone says something I just ignore it and walk away. Although this is such a small thing to become happy about, it makes me happy knowing that I’m not the same person I was back in 8th grade. I cannot stand when people won’t wear something or do something just because they care about what others think about them. Your life is your life and you are who you are!
Life is like a bag of skittles. Think about a bag of skittles and all the colors there are to choose from. This relates to all the different things in the world that can make a person happy and bring up their mood. There is such a variety of ways to make people happy and sometimes it can be in the smallest way. Everyone’s happiness comes from different things just like everyone likes a different color of skittles. My favorite skittle is a bright, red cherry one and just that little piece of sweet candy can make me happy compared to someone else who likes a green one. My life has thrown many obstacles at me, too many to type but I learned something from them. You get one life to live so life it the way you want to. If something happens then work with it or get over it. Why waste days hating your life because something unexpected happened? Turn it around and make it into a good thing, see the positive side of things. For every second you’re unhappy, you lose that second of happiness.
Life, it should be spent being joyful, but instead some people can’t find the good things about it. After every hurricane, there comes a rainbow. I refer this to sadness too because no matter what in the end something will cause happiness. To be happy is the best feeling in the world. You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

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