Average High School Drama

October 4, 2012
By Evan Lerma BRONZE, Flower Mound, Texas
Evan Lerma BRONZE, Flower Mound, Texas
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Average HS Drama
By: Evan Lerma

Do you have something that makes you so annoyed you just want to beat a smurf? I do and it’s called pointless high school relationships. I see them everywhere, even among my closest friends. They say they’re in love and all couples bicker or have fights, but at a certain point it’s just plain stupid on all levels. You sit there and watch as they go all lovey dovey towards each other and next it turns in to a huge argument over a picture on facebook or someone he or she was talking to. It gets so bad they say they’re done, they breakup, delete each others number’s, change their facebook status and make a huge deal about it to people who don’t care. Then, not more than twelve hours later boom! They’re back together posting about how it was a mistake to breakup and that they take it all back. Then two days later the entire cycle starts again!!!

Sometimes they will try to change it up saying they want to take a break and see other people. They find an unsuspecting girl or boy flirt with them and soon they are dating. I know this for a fact as I have been drawn into these types of relationships. One of my exes’s thought she could get over her ex with me. Five days later she dumped me saying her ex needed her more than me. They lasted a week, only for her to say she wanted me back and that she made a mistake. I being so naïve and head over heel’s for this girl fell for it again not knowing the roller coaster that would ensue. Twelve hours later I was again dumped and a hurricane of emotion came over me. Love blinds you from how stupid your actions are and my past proves how a caring and considerate person can be taken advantage of so easily. Not only did I fall this once, but four times. Only to be lied to and betrayed for a guy who treated her like a resource and not a true girlfriend. But you know they have only broken up almost twenty times, making it a pretty successful relationship if I do say so myself (sarcasm).

High school is not known for the successful couples, but for the drama queens and players that infest our schools. How many couples do you know that last a year, let alone three or four years? This proves my point that if you can’t keep a relationship for even a
week strait you need a mind change. Don’t tell yourself that it’s worth it in the end, it’s
not. It only leads to more drama and the growing annoyance from friends and family. So
if you need someone to talk to over a failing relationship don’t expect a caring and loving
tone from me. As I don’t want to hear a sob story of how you have tried to make it work
for what a week? I’ll tell you my true feelings over your so called love story, but don’t
expect it to be what you want to hear. Let my past be a example for others who think all
relationships work as most end in disaster, but I guess you’ll keep trying until you find mister or misses right? Just make sure you make right decisions and avoid arguments at all costs.

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livisan SILVER said...
on Oct. 13 2012 at 3:26 pm
livisan SILVER, Miami, Florida
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This is often true but depends on how popular the couple are. My and my boyfriend are the "nerds" and we have been together 5 months

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