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October 4, 2012
By Roshni Patel BRONZE, Auburn, New York
Roshni Patel BRONZE, Auburn, New York
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Roshni Patel
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Lesson Learned...

It was a normal school day, I’m not sure what the exact date was but, it was last year in March, this was the day I learned a huge life lesson. My brother and I got into an argument, as usual. We were getting ready to leave the house and debating over who gets to get dropped off first, since we didn’t go to same school. We were in our car about to leave our drive, arguing with our mom when bang! I have learned to never distract someone who is driving because there are consequences.
It was annoying having to wake up early and getting ready for school but that morning I had no excuse, so I got ready and went downstairs. My brother was already there eating breakfast, I sat down and my mom gave me my bagel and juice. When we both finished we left the house and hopped into the car, my mom said we would decide who gets dropped off first on the way and started driving. As soon as we were out of the driveway a red car came racing down our street and BAM the car hit my mom’s car! I never thought I would be in a car accident like this. It had actually happened; my mom got into an accident.
However. no one had gotten hurt, but our car had made a full turn and was facing the opposite side. My brother and I had ran out of the car, to the side my mom was on because her head was stuck in the air bag. It was nothing major but she wasn't able to get out until one of the cops or ambulance person had cut the airbag. Soon my dad was there and talked to the person who had hit us. The young male was actually a senior at Auburn high. He was running late and also claimed he was speeding. I had been listening to the conversation between him and my dad from afar with my brother while my mom was getting checked out for any injuries on her head. When I actually got a look at our car the whole front side was ruined. The car looked someone had held it back a ripped the whole front part of. There was a lot of damage done to both cars and would be a struggle with insurance.
The cops exchanged some things with my dad about what to do with our insurance. The person that had hit us kept apologizing to my dad, I had felt bad for him but also not. If I were him I too would be embarrassed and greatly ashamed of myself, not that I wasn’t already.
I keep feeling that maybe if I had not been so stubborn that day and not have argued with, my brother maybe my mom could have been a little more alert about the car that was in the distance and the accident wouldn't have occurred. My parents hadn't said anything to the either of us about it being a problem for my brother and me, but I can't help but think that we put them through a little bit of an extra mess that day. That day I learned never to make big commotion in the car and to not pay attention to how I'm driving due to my lack of readiness that would be causing me to be late.

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