Watch Out for that Crack in the Road

October 4, 2012
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The experience I had when I hurt my leg made me realize that I should think before I do something because things can be more dangerous than they appear. Everything that happens in life teaches you a lesson. Some lessons can be more important than others but everything you learn in life helps you make better decisions.
I don’t know wether I just wasn’t thinking clearly that day or if I was just not thinking about my choices. I thought it was just a logical decision that when I had two bikes I wanted to move that I could just ride one and hold on to the handlebar of the other. They weren’t very heavy and as long as I held them straight it was like riding one bike. I put on my helmet and left the garage. I was only planning on bringing the bike down the road to my friends’ house because it had been left at mine and no one had come to get it. My brother, who has always loved to bother me, decided it would be fun to bother me as I went down the road. He kept riding close and pretending like he was going to knock me off the bike so I called my mom to try to get him to leave me alone. I called a few too many times (ok, a lot of times) and she wasn’t really happy with me or my brother. After a few minutes he rode ahead up the road and once he disappeared I went over a cracked area in the road. Before I knew what was happening the bikes flipped over and I ended up on the road with one of the bikes on my leg and the other in the ditch. Cars started stopping to see if I was alright and a circle of people formed around me. I wasn't able to stand up and someone pulled the bike off my leg. I really didn’t like being stuck in the middle of people I didn’t know. They were all asking where the other bike came from and if someone I was riding with went to get help. I grabbed my phone to call my mom and, of course, she thought I was calling again to complain about my brother so she didn't pick up. My leg was in a lot of pain and I was panicking so I called my friend up the road and asked if she would come get me. Right when she got there, my dad was on his way back from work and stopped to see what was happening. Later, I thought it was kind of funny that he showed up when he did. My friend took one of the bikes and my dad took the other and put me in the car. My parents took me to the doctors to get an x-ray. I didn’t break any bones but I ended up on crutches for two weeks because I tore the ligaments in my leg. I was lucky I didn't break it. From then on I decided that if someone needed their bike, they would have to come get it themselves. There was no way I was ever trying that again. I never thought a short ride up the road would end like that and I never really thought about what I was doing. I never really expected something as simple as moving a bike would be such a bad decision. Do you think about your decisions?

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