The Unexpect

October 4, 2012
By Dakota Johson BRONZE, Auburn, New York
Dakota Johson BRONZE, Auburn, New York
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The Unexpected

When suffering my toughest loss of my football career I learned a valuable lesson. That was to never expect an easy win. Going into this game we were 0-2; we had lost the two previous games to West Genesee and central square. The scores were twenty eight to fourteen and fifty five to twenty-two.

This game was against Liverpool on are home field. It was a sunny day with the sun glinting off the cars and the grass as slick as an ice rink We walked down as a team keeping are thoughts to our self as we were pumped for this match up. We warmed up with heart and intensity as sweat poured down my face like the amazon river. Warm up’s consist of karaokes, shuffles, bounding, and sprints. Then the whistle blew to practice some plays so we were ready for anything they threw at us. They came marching down like a platoon of troops on a mission. We stood high and tall as we heard the call of the enemy knocking on our door.

Then blew the whistle for the game to begin. (As the captain’s walked out with there hands locked together to get the verdict to receive the ball.) Then came the beginning of an unstopable stop fight to glory. As the ball was smashed into space and the enemy came flying down the field. We smashed their lInwith a thousand pounds of force to get a gain of nothing. Then came the offensive with the confidence of a thousand suns. They started off with a fifty four yard run to the twelve yard lInto only be stopped by a costly penalty and a miss communication which lead to a fumble. Then out comes the defensive with me at cornerback. They start off with a run and we stop them for negative yardage as our lInflys through like a jet off a runway.

We hold them to four and out as they punt the ball to the fifty yard line. They came back with a equal counter to hold us to a six yard gain. We just keep going back and forth; drive after drive to finish the first half zero to zero. Then came the second half as the kickoff team came out, speed on one side and strength on the other. The ball was crushed, flying likeasterriod on fire to only be stopped by their returner. (Who twists and turns past us to take it for a touchdown.)( As I hung my head in shame and disgust to just give up like that.) We came up with just a equal drive but to take the lead by one.

Then came the quarter that makes all men the fourth. They were leading thirteen to eight with two minutes left. We drove down the field twice to only be stopped by stupid penalties. Then they got the ball and were driving down the field. We thought it was all over then to only be saved. They drew up a pass play, then came the hut of the ball as our lInbroke through their lInto hit their quarterback. Our safety came flying up the field to pick it out of the air and to bring it down the field. The sidelines uprooted with joy as we watched him glide down the sideline.
To only be stopped at the twenty yard lInwith a minute ten left on the clock as we went nuts. We slowly charged to the twelve yard lInwith short passes. Then came the dagger in the chest as we went for it all. The ball soared out of the quarterbacks hand like an eagle out of its nest to the end zone. Yet the receiver was not fast enough to catch it and was clobbered by the defensive. Finally it came to fourth down with another dagger to only be swatted away like a fly on a wall.To then feel the despair of being so close yet so far, as the clock ran zero and our faces read pain and the agony of defeat. We lose as a team and we get stronger as one everyday.
From this experience I learned to never expect anything easy. I also learned to never expect the unexpected. This life lesson cannot only be contributed to sports but also jobs, households and other things

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