Final Gasp

October 4, 2012
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As I sit watching the trawler, scrap in the animals, I see so many innocent animals, coming to there death. I think and wonder what their lives would have been like, I wonder if these animals are leaving behind little fishy families. I see a baby dolphin trapped in amongst the carnage. I hear the dolphin screech and wail in pain and agony. Why is this fair? How is it any different if man kind decided to go and wipe a certain race out? Its not any different. Its cruel, unearthly manor? And what are we achieving? All we are saying is "oh look at us, we can wipe a whole species of animals out within a few hours. Aren't we so cool"? Think about it from the dolphin's point of view; how would you like it if you were taken away from you family and then brutally slaughtered for the benefit of someone else.
The animals come plummeting from the fishing net, along with the baby dolphin. The helpless animals thud to the deck of the boat. They lay there helplessly, defenceless, about to take their final gasps of air. And what was it for? It was all just in vain…

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