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September 26, 2012
By Emilyg BRONZE, Auburn, New York
Emilyg BRONZE, Auburn, New York
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A picture is worth a thousands words and can describe a generations of family members. As you look through each picture, a new story is starting to be told. The story could be something such as a young boy and his brand new golden retriever pup or a young graduate ready and eager to take on the world with no true direction and just the shirt on his back. No matter what the picture is, an adventure was being played out and is now deserving to be told. In this particular torn photograph, the starting of a newly immigrated family in Dorchester, Massachusetts is displayed.

The first impression of the photo is that it is old and decrepit. It has yellowed and browned over the years considering the fact that it was taken July 27, 1933. The photograph is slightly torn in right corner and creased slightly at the bottom. The clear casing protects it from
anymore wear it could acquire over the years. When you flip it over you see Great- Grandma’s delicate scrawl in blue ink. Her words read, “ Taken July 27, 1933. Just 4 months old. Born March 27, 1933. Donald. 38 St. Margart St. Dorchester, Mass.” In the actual
photo, a man is holding a 4 month old baby. The grown man is wearing high waisted pants, suspenders and a simple white shirt. Donald, the 4-month-old baby, is wearing a white bonnet and is wrapped carefully in a blanket. There is a house with six windows, a fence, overgrown
shrubs, and a simple cross in the background of 38 St. Margart St.

The photo holds true meaning to my family. On Great- Grandpa’s face you see pride. Total and absolute pride of being able start a family after immigrating all the way from Ireland. He did it. Great- Grandpa was able to do what he wanted and the little bundle of joy was just the beginning. Donald would only be the first out of four children but the only one from his first wife. Donald looked so peaceful but little did he know, he represented so much to his father already. Twenty years down the road, Donald would look exactly like his father. He would marry his wife, Shirley, and have two boys, Brian and David. Both boys would be the spitting image of Donald. They would both possess his striking blue eyes, dark hair, small build, and slightly large nose. Both would have his Irish temper too. Brian would be the only one to have a son and once again he would be a carbon copy of his father.

Clearly, one picture is easily one thousand words. It could possess a family history or just the beginning of someone’s life. Either way, it is an adventure ready to be told. Whether the adventure or event is good or bad, it had drastic impact on shaping someone’s life. There is no need to write it down when a simple picture can say it all.

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