Thanks for the Pain

September 22, 2012
By tinker-bell BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
tinker-bell BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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I started having all these mixed emotions every time I heard, “No, lets not take her, she is too little and she won’t let us have fun.” Or “Don’t let her use it, she’ll break it.” I didn’t realize it until 6th grade that I was being bullied by everyone, people I love. Probably it was because I didn’t even know what fitted into the definition of the word bully. Before I found what it was, I thought that you couldn’t only get bullied in school. I know it was bullying what had happen, but I didn’t consider it as a big thing.

We would make parties or small gatherings when we were younger. I usually spent my time there sleeping, watching T.V., or being always next to my mom. The guys would be drinking, playing cards, or watching a soccer game. The girls would be either cooking or gossiping. My cousins would lock themselves in a room, or go for a walk without me. This would happen every time we gather. I remember that for one of my aunts’ baby shower I cried because none of the girls wanted to come sleep over my house. At the end, they made one of them come over. She kept complaining that she was sleepy. I didn’t care that she was complaining. I was happy knowing that just maybe the next day we could play with Barbie’s. That never happen, her parents came to pick her up before I was awake.

My 3rd grade and 4th grade teachers, I see them like angels. I guess they saw I wasn’t like other girls as talkative. They talked to me and told me they were proud of me. They both knew my parents well, and how strict they were on me. My parents were so proud of my improvements. My mom was impressed that she saved money to buy me my first American Girl. My teachers motivated me after our talk. I continued my grades of all “A’s” and a “B” or two until this point. I remember that in 5th grade my parents almost cried because I was Student of the Month for the first time.

In 6th grade we were learning about sex, STD’s, and bullying. It wasn’t until a guy came and told us the definition of bullying. The part that stood up to me was that bullying could be someone offending you in school and outside of school. I right away thought of my cousins. I remember the time my cousin took her motorcycle to a party. I asked her if I could ride it. She answer, “When I am done.” She and my cousins lasted like three hours using it. When she was going to let me borrow it my aunt yelled, “Don’t let her use it, she’ll break it”. There it was, 6th grade when I grew up, and became stronger.

My Quinceañera is where I said, “It’s my turn to have fun, whatever happens can happen, and it’s my time.” My cousins that day didn’t want to take pictures with me, they got mad because I was dancing with my friends only, when I would tell them to come dance and they left earlier than my friends. I wasn’t mad, I just felt sorry for them not knowing how to have fun. My oldest girl cousin that day before she left came to tell me, “We are going to the beach tomorrow, if you want to come.” I thought to myself well my mom promised my chambelanes to go to the beach after my quince as a thank you. I said, “Yeah cool let me just tell the guys.” She said mad, “No! It’s only family.” I just started dancing again back with my friend. The next day the came for me and I told them I wasn’t going nowhere. A couple of days later, on Facebook there was picture of them in the beach with people that weren’t family. I was so mad and told my mom. Before one of my aunts left to Texas, we went to eat. My mom couldn’t take it and started arguing with my aunt. My mom said, “I’m tired that you always make Stephanie always less, but to let you know I won’t let that happen anymore.” There was the moment where I was like that’s it, starting fresh by caring about people who care for me. The others can wait.

Now, bullying is just a small chapter of my life, I don’t care what others say. The only ones that matter to me are my parents, and my brothers. I’m proud of who I am and ready to prove everyone wrong. Before they know it I will be someone in this world, and I am happy to say, I have no harsh feelings towards my cousins or no one else.

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