September 18, 2012
By Anonymous

say those things to me
say and do them
do what you want
but what really bugs me
what really gets to me
is not only what you say or do
but also its the fact that
whenever i react to it
you always shrug it off
and say you were just joking
well I've told you before
and of course, i must tell you again...

your "jokes" aren't funny to me
your "jokes" aren't really even jokes at all
there mean or hurtful things
that you are too proud or ashamed
to tell me that your "sorry" for
so you say they are "jokes" instead
somehow it makes sense to you
somewhere in your twisted head
but it will never make sense to me
you never even really loved me
you say you did and still do
but i don't believe a word
i don't trust you at all
you've let me down too much
instead of catching me
you let me fall.

walk away and tell me I'm wrong
you will always be this way
you think you are so right
and you always have to be
well I'm not taking it anymore
I'm glad you said goodbye
wish you could get your head straight
but you cant, and I'm not surprised
but ill admit something to you
that I'm not quite over you
but don't you worry
i soon will be
ill have a hot man by my side
and watch your jealousy inside
oh, how I'll love to ruin your pride

so take a few steps back
now take twenty steps back more
take a deep breath
because I'm about to
blow you away with a rush
you think i am still so easy
think ill take you back
you are so wrong there
you're gone
we're done
deal with it.

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