2 Good Days

September 17, 2012
By cassicoleman BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
cassicoleman BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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Two good days can change your whole perspective on life. You smile at things you don't normally smile at. You take a walk in the park, but you're not focused on walking. It's a sunny day. But a thunderstorm just started. A little kid runs up to you and spills his strawberry milkshake all over you. A stranger can take one look at you and say how miserable your life is. But it's not. You can make everyday a happy one even if a thunderstorm comes and pours on your sunny day. Even if a little kid comes and splatters his strawberry milkshake on your happy mood. What makes you have a good day is you. Your attitude is the only person that can make you smile. Not a million dollars. Not the cute boy that lives down the street. You are your happiness. When I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and I finally had the courage to give myself a good slap in the face called life. Life told me I was wasting my days. My minutes. I can't tell you how many minutes I wasted that I could of spent on this little thing called happiness. I learned all of that, from having two good days.

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