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September 17, 2012
By xXDmtXx BRONZE, Lakewood, Colorado
xXDmtXx BRONZE, Lakewood, Colorado
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If I could understand why I am here, understand the purpose of having lungs to breath the air that gives me life, then what higher intensity of curiosity would hold my mind to the point of doubting its existence? Nothing. To some this may not be the case, in their mind they know they have a purpose, but my simple question is, how? We can act like we know or we can act like others do instead, but in reality, none of us know for sure. Now when I hear others opinions it does not make a difference, I run by facts, and the fact is we are incredibly small. When I look up at the night sky and I see but understand that my mind will never be able to comprehend the infinite space that surrounds us it makes me realize, what are facts and what are opinions? In my heart I feel like our purpose is to live.

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