September 9, 2012
I let out a soft whimper as my eyes met my reflection. Everything is all wrong. I tried combing my mop-like disarray of fiery red hair over my pimple-covered forehead, but I just let out another sigh. I would never be as pretty as the girls at school. I’ll never have long blond hair that shines in the gleaming sun, framing my flawless face. I’ll never have a beautiful boy kissing my san-tanned cheek as he walks me down the hallway of girls wishing to be me.
I’m an ugly duckling; an ugly duckling who, no matter how hard I try, will never turn into a swan. I’m s troll, guarding a bridge that nobody will ever even look at anyways. I’ll always be just another envious girl in the hallway. I’m nothing special. I’m like a tree that never grew tall, or grew any flowers. And one day I’ll fall, and nobody will be around to hear it, too scared to make noise.

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