September 7, 2012
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We all have fantasies. 
Some have imagined what it would be like to be different. To live differently. To talk differently and maybe even dress and act differently. Most of which are kept secretly but all described beautifully. 

At times our fantasies are put into the hands of experts in design. When they are completed, they are shown to many with wide eyes.  We see what the creators have done and  how accurate they were. We watch as our favorite fantasies are played on screen, while they await the answer. We tell them what mistakes they've made or how brilliant it has been replayed. We ask others what they thought and later on count how much has been bought. 

Then there are occasions in which we intrust someone with our deepest fantasy. We assume they will keep it secret, we assume no one else will know but then before we know it, our very own fantasy begins to flow. We are devastated, in the destruction this secret has caused. It may even end up  feeling as though the real world has been paused. We tell ourselves we will be more cautious, more discreet but then someone else comes along and lifts us off our safety seat. 

However some fantasies are written down and hope that one they will be found. We think of names, titles, people and places. While some admire the anxiety on our faces. We allow our fingers to travel across blank pages, telling stories in various stages. We write and write until our fingers are sore. Then we look over what we have done, hoping that it is not a bore. Then we publish what we would not say out loud and allow others to guess what's true, in the mean time we sit again and start a new. 

Others have fantasies of travel and exploration. They think of what it would be like else where and discover new temptations. They work and work until they have what they need in order to fulfill their special greed. Once they have  managed to experience  what life is like in another place, they might think twice about returning to their original space. Though there are times when one is grateful for what they have today but they are still able to describe the place they have been to, in a very unusual way. 

Then there are those, who fantasize what life would be like with someone whom they love. They desperately attempt to capture, what they assume is a precious gift sent from up above. They see their loved one every day, while they think of clever yet romantic things to say. They hope that Cupid has done his job right, at the same time keeping unwanted visitors out of sight. However this particular fantasy can turn out to  be either, a life long happy ending or a soon to be bad memory that's just pending. 

Fantasies can do strange things to the mind of a human being. They sometimes make us question, what we have been seeing. We  have a habit of comparing the real world, to that we see in our mind but then there are those who have a talent of creating a compromise. They see how best they can live out their wildest fantasy but at the same time trying not to loose sight of reality. 

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