When I close your eyes...

September 6, 2012
By , Coral Springs, FL
I am afraid to close my eyes. When I allow my eyelids to slowly come together, as leafs of the door, the palpable darkness surrounds me. An omnipresent solid blackboard appears in front of me and an invisible hand starts depicting some symbols on it. Rasping of chalk is driving me crazy; everything that slightly runs through my head immediately appears on the board. I begin panicking and the images and pictures that are burnt into my consciousness start appearing on the board. Isn’t it enough already? Who can make people crazy in such a sophisticated manner? In the emptiness, slowly letter-by-letter the answer emerges “Only himself!” Suddenly, “bang” and as if the projector turned on and the board is in now filled with photographs. They make everything inside of me coil and shrink. Oh, no! I shiver. Mentally, I erase everything from the board, turning it back to an impartial piece of metal, but an invisible power resumes recording and showing me everything that I am so eagerly trying to delete out of my memory. Every night that battle repeats. That is exactly why I hate to close my eyes. That is exactly why I talk so much. The more I talk, the less strength remains for the hand for the final night battle, and it will allow me to be dismissed to my journey to the Dream Land earlier than usually. That is exactly why I love people so much; they do not let me come back to that fatal place. They unlock the room that I find myself sealed in, when I close my eyes.

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